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From the desk of Ed Pudol
Date :

Dear Fellow Marketer:

I am Ed Pudol and I want to share my valuable things, I have in my arsenal.

I started my career as a computer programmer on 1998. I was hired as a computer programming teacher from 2 different colleges here in the Philippines. I spend almost 12 hours a day in the school for my full time teaching job. I did the same routine for almost 5 years, go to school every day, teach for almost 12 hours a day with minimal earnings. Until, I decided to leave my daily work on the early 2003. I want to find ways on how to make money without spending too much time on the job and have more time to my family.

I started to search opportunity on the net. I’ve tried a lot of things mentioned on the net, which promises a huge income for me. But I never make a single cent for the whole 1 year. Until one day in January 2004, I have found a webmaster forum, where members selling their electronic goods. At that time, I have a recipe collection that is organized in Microsoft Excel. What I did is, I tried to sell the said collection at the forum, and boy, I got 5 orders on the same day I posted.

Since then I decided to create my own electronic products, create websites and sell them. I also spend thousands of dollar buying electronic products with reseller rights and sell them multiple times. Today, I am making not less than $10,000 a month just selling my scripts, database collections, and other e-products that I bought from other online marketers that have reseller rights.

You can also duplicate what I am doing right now. There are two options for you to choose from: First, spend your precious time creating your own electronic products and second, sell other person’s products.

One of the biggest problem I encounter when I was new in this business is how to create your own products and to sell them, until I discovered the easiest way to make money on this market. I learn to buy other product and sell them, in this way, you save time and you make money faster by utilizing other’s efforts. The only problem with the second option is money to be used. You will be needing lots of money in buying all those good stuffs to be sold afterwards, but of course, it is worth to invest money as long as the product is great and saleable.

What if I tell you, you can get your own electronic products with out spending lot of time creating your own products or spending lot of money buying them? From nothing to a price of one McDonalds hamburger, you can get your own electronic products. YES, you can have your humburger without spending a single penny.

Yes you read it right, you can now get your own electronic products from nothing to minimal cost only. You can sell these products on ebay, digitalpoint, sitepoint, dnforum, webmaster-talk, webhostingtalk, v7n and iwebtool. You can make huge income with out bothering yourself creating your own or spending money that much.

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Our guarantee to our members is that we regularly update our electronic product collection. So that you have a fresh product to sell from time to time.

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All the best,
Ed Pudol